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      of Projects/Initiatives

DREAMCorp has mobilized several unique collaborative projects to address the unmet and/or underserved needs of persons with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs and their families. Moreover, our holistic approach to service delivery is meticulously interwoven into each our our initiatives to ultimately promote the health, safety and well-being of our target population. Read on for further information. Also, click on the white link to be re-directed to more detailed information on current and/or proposed programs under each initiative:

"Restore H.O.P.E (Help, Outreach, Parity & Empowerment) Project"  

More often than not, the birth and/or discovery that your child has a disability and/or special health care need can have profound and challenging effects on children and parents alike.  The Restore H.O.P.E initiative focuses on minimizing the challenges confronting families and empowering them to lead healthy, prosperous and fulfilling lives.  Under the guidance and direction of the Restore H.O.P.E Planning Team parents are afforded the tools and supports they require to navigate through the process of shock and inner turmoil and progress to a state of stability and empowerment.

"Spiritual Support Initiative"

Numerous family’s inclusive of a member with special needs cite great difficulty attending worship services without the support and understanding of their fellow church goers. Through this spiritual support initiative, DREAMCorp will work collaboratively with Let's R.O.C.K (Reach Our Community & Kids) Outreach Ministries, Inc  to develop and model an inclusive church as well as educate other religious organizations on how to exude the persona of Christ by creating a welcoming worship environment for all who desire increased understanding of the Lord.


"Parent Support Initiative"  

The maintenance of good health is extremely important. Unfortunately, many of our 

parents and/or caregivers spend so much time providing care to their child with special needs and 

other family members that they often fall short in provision of care for themselves.  DREAMCorp 

aspires to recompense this benevolent population for their selflessness with the establishment 

of numerous parent support programs and/or services.  

One such program is Mind, Body & Spirit. Through this dynamic program parents and/or caregivers are 

afforded access to spiritual support, stress management classes, step-by-step relaxation and meditation 

techniques, yoga classes delivered by a certified yoga instructor and a variety of 

supplementary fitness perks also delivered by certified fitness instructors.

In addition, DREAMCorp will also host (Parent/Caregiver Retreats) that will take place bi-annually and offer parents of children with disabilities 

and/or special needs one or two days (as appropriate) overnight accommodation in an emotionally safe 

environment while their children are adequately cared for in one of the our respite 

programs. Retreats shall be conducted under the direction of a licensed counselor and provide parents an 

opportunity to come together, share stories, rejuvenate their strength and learn that they are not alone.


"Sibling Support Initiative"

For everything they do, our siblings need support too. Ever wonder how the siblings of children with special needs cope with the added stress endured within such families? Well, within the safety of the program entitled Sensational Sibs siblings of children with special needs are invited to be free to cast the weight of the world off their tiny shoulders. Trained staff and dedicated volunteers will encourage them to have fun as well as swap stories with their peers whom are enduring similar circumstances.

"Families as Partners Initiative" 

This parent-initiated movement PIPSUSA unites parents/caregivers of students who are struggling with medial issues that negatively impact their education. This includes illnesses that are chronic, acute, physical or mental, as well as pregnancy/parenting. Our overarching goal for this initiative is to improve outcomes for this subgroup of students through provision of various supports/information to their families and technical support and information dissemination to their Local Education Agencies.  

"Vibrant Futures Initiative"

We all want the best and brightest futures for our children across their lifespan and through the Vibrant Futures Initiative DREAMCorp seeks to lay the foundation for children with special needs to achieve just that.  We earnestly strive to equip children, youth and young adults to enter all facets of adult life including health-care, post-secondary education, independent living and employment.

 "SPEAK-UP Initiative"

(Specialist & Parents Effectively Advancing  Knowledge of Unique Populations)

More than a decade after the passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), students with disabilities across the United States continue to lack access to services and/or accommodations needed to assist them in achieving academic success. We have therefore developed several innovative strategies under this initiative that we hope will increase awareness, ignite change and level the playing field for all students.  See below.

SPEAK-UP I Am Melissa - an advocacy move for the right to have developmentally appropriate programing, classroom settings, and curriculum planning for students who have sustained an acquired brain injury.  IDEA demands an innovative and inclusive program set for students with intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury, deaf, etc..., but no recourse for students with acquired brain injury.  These students are instead misclassified and inappropriately placed into categories and programming that does not meet their diverse and unique educational needs.  

"Disaster Planning & Relief  Initiative"  

Disabled or non-disabled, many people lack the knowledge required to assist themselves and their families in the event of a national, wide-spread emergency.  Through collaborative efforts with disaster relief organizations such as the National Red-Cross Association, federal Emergency management Agency, and Maryland Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, we seek to inform families inclusive of a member with a developmental disability and/or special health care need to plan and implement a meaningful course of action in the event of a disaster.