Awakening dreams, inspiring hope

                 & fulfilling potential

Our Mission & Direction 



The purposes for which this corporation, a non-profit charitable organization is organized are:


To provide at-risk persons with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs and their families a mechanism to strive for and acheive their hopes and dreams.  To this end the corporation shall:


  • Create a comprehensive system of care and support, dedicated to the provision of community-based residential, educational, recreational, therapeutic programming and family support services.
  • Provide advocacy and informational services to families of persons with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs.
  • Construct and maintain the Compassionate Care Center of Hope & Healing and the Compassionate Care Respite Village.
  • Strive to foster a better quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities and/or special health care need and their families.
  • Strive to improve both the short and long-term outcomes of the family unit as a whole, and heighten understanding of the multiple issues confronting their lives on a daily basis.


Our strategy is:


  • To recognize that we are established to serve persons with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs and their families.  We will at all times exude trust, understanding and compassion.  We are at all times  mindful of the needs of the families we serve, continually striving to transform their unmet and/or underserved needs into intricately tailored programs and services.  We represent their best interest and we work strenuously to ensure multi-systems collaboration (health, education, social services, etc), monitoring the entire process from start to finish and facilitating dissemination of information to all.


We acheive this via adherence to the following:


  • Assuming that all persons can attain their optimum potential when afforded the tools they require to ensure their families health, safety and well-being.


  • Informing, educating and involving stakeholders of "Best Practices" and the potential outcomes for those we serve and their families.


  • Promoting active participation among families of persons with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs and the professionals who serve them.


  • Mobilizing collaborative partnerships with other community-based organizations, government agencies, medical providers and families to ignite systemic change and a seemless medium for navigating and negotiating the health care system, social service and education system.


  • Ensuring all persons with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs and their families receive comprehensive coordinated care which includes easy-to-use information to access necessary health, education and community resources to support maintainence of health and attainment of optimum potential.


  • Creating a variety of interconnected service delivery systems and collaborating across disciplines, professionals, systems and families to bridge the complex and fragmented mixture of services currently available.


We ensure necessary needs assessment and program development is carried out by:


  • Organizing parent groups and assessing their accumulated experience and knowledge to assist us in the development of need-based proposals.
  • Focusing our efforts on those areas of program development where there is greatest need and ensuring all programs/services offered are need-based.

  • Advocating to ensure adequate investment in issues critical to the lives of those we serve.




The "integrated care" context within which Daring to Reach & Empower the At-risk Mind Corporation is aspiring to create is developed via the plight of numerous parents whom have struggled in their role of mother, father, caregiver, protector and provider.  Adherence to this Framework for a Fully-integrated, Comprehensive System of Care, Support and Collaboration will address a wide range of needs for this population, including multi-system collaboration.


What we foresee upon fulfillment of all these factors is that of CYSHCN, their Families, Health Care Professionals, Community-based Organizations, Government Agencies and Education Systems all in partnership together.  We are assured that mutual collaborations with each of these entities will ensure adequate preventative and proactive safeguards for families in all areas of child health, development, and family satisfaction.

To peruse more of our Framework for a Fully-Intergrated Comprehensive System of Care, Support & Collaboration, please visit our resource library.